Our Customer Testimonials

We have gladly attached pictures of the articles you have framed for Virtual Marketing and Business Lounge, that are hanging in the office. We receive tons of compliments on them.

Taylor R.

I was very pleased with the service I received while getting the frame ordered, being able to see a preview of the order before confirming purchase and delivery was great.  The frame came well-protected and the finished product was exactly what we were looking for to help commemorate the accomplishment of the Burkett employee.

Jackie B. / Burkett Restaurant Equipment

I was the truly happy recipient of this gift!  Beautiful work. The article you framed is about Canine Companions For Independence (CCI)  I was matched with my CCI Service Dog Mahler in Nov. 07.  Together we are a strong, independent team. The framed article hangs in "The Coventry School, Inc. For Dogs and Their People" in Columbia, MD. Our CCI Capital Chapter holds puppy classes there for the Assistance Dogs in Training.  The instructors and space is donated.  They value what Canine Companions For Independence does and was excited to be able to hang this framed and well presented article in their training room for all their clients to see.  Thanks for your craftsmanship.

Nanc P. and SD Mahler

I had a very old article from Forbes magazine, that featured my father Frank Howard in the cover story, (way back in the 90's) framed for his office. It is now proudly displayed in my Dad's office lobby for his clients to see. The entire process of ordering the framed article was seamless. My father was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy. He commented numerous times on the excellent quality of the piece. I won for best Father's day gift last year, beating out both of my other siblings and my step-mother! During the time that I had sent out the article, I had a few opportunities to correspond with our customer service rep at Article Framing. He was quick to respond and answer any question I had. I was very pleased with the quality of the end result, and I will definitely be framing another article again! I already have it picked out!

Jessica H.

Jonathan Williamson, the President of Keys Energy, actually presented the framed article as a gift to one of our customers.  They were thrilled!  Probably not just a coincidence, that customer gave us their largest order to date for the month of May.  We are confident that they found the framed article from your company to be a thoughtful way to remember an important event in their company's history for years to come. Your product proved to be a good choice in showing our customer how much they are valued.

Kathy J.

I think your customer service is fantastic and I am more than pleased with the work you have done for me. I have two articles framed, the first was a gift and I framed my second. Both look great and professional. I do get compliments when people visit my home.

Diane W.

We display it with the car at various shows, Bruce Larson's Drag-Fest, York US 30 Reunion, Eastern Mopar Classic, Cruisin Ocean City and others.
Lots of good feedback and because it is a magazine story it is so much nicer than a "store bought" picture board. Thanks!

Steve M.

Thanks for the article you framed for us!

- Anneka M.

Attached is my most favorite item I have hanging on my walls.  You created it for me when I noticed an article that spoke to me.  However, you went ABOVE and beyond by customizing this quality framing. This article now hangs in a place that I see it every morning when I wake and every night before I go to sleep. Thanks again for the high quality work.


Thanks! Our sales manager loves it!

James E. / Oregon Seafoods

It was beautiful, our clients were so surprised and loved it.  Your company did a very nice job and we were very happy with the results. We will definitely use you in the future when the need arises. Thank you.

Cathy B. / Wells Fargo

Thanks again for the framed article, it turned out very nicely. I will certainly recommend you to others.


Here is a picture of the framed article in my son's room.  He loves it. I thought that your service, delivery and pricing were all excellent.  I would definitely use your service again.  I especially liked the way that you were able customize the article framing.

David K.

I was very pleased with your service. Especially the fact that you were able to obtain the article, which made it that much easier for me.  Thank you.

Jodi R.

Great work and speedy delivery on the order! Was a business gift for my client. I  would recommend you to my associates!

Lan P.

This was a gift for my husband.  Your service was excellent and you provided exactly what you promised.  I was not only impressed with the speed of your production, but also with the care you took to ensure it would be done correctly.  It was several email communications between us and I really appreciate that personalized attention to detail.  Thanks again!

Amy L.

It was a present to my daughter and she was THRILLED with it and we are all very pleased with the color of the matting and the layout as well as the overall workmanship.

Karen H.

Here are a couple photos of the articles hanging in our office. did an amazing job. Not only did you frame the article, but you did some custom work for me for no extra charge makes me want to continue to do business with you guys. The personal touch matters.

Katie M.

We LOVED the job you all did with our article.  Your turnaround time was amazingly fast, and the quality is great.  You even found the article in a somewhat obscure publication, saving me the trouble of sending it in! The job was done as a gift for a business associate and I couldn't be more pleased. The frame is hanging in the front office of a business that does fine jewelry and art appraising and brokerage. In that environment, anything that's put in front of clients has to be absolutely right, and you all came through.  THANKS!

Katie P.

We were all very happy about the product and how it turned out.  Thanks!

Jenn C.

We love the article you framed for us!

Sharon M.

After an unsuccessful search for a frame shop in my city that could provide affordable custom framing services of a newspaper article, I reluctantly decided to explore having the article framed through an online company.'s services fit within my budget and they worked diligently with me until I was satisfied with the mockup of the framed article. I gave it as a gift to my spouse and he absolutely loved it. In fact, it hangs proudly on the wall next to his desk in our home office. Keep up the excellent, exceptional work!

Paul C.

We are very pleased with the product and will want another article framed in the future!

Maria R.

We love the framed newspaper article of our son Corey. You did a fantastic job!

Tim M.

Enjoying the frames!

Brock P. / Royal Parking Inc.


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